Flood NDP Climate Q&A on Energy East

2 11 2014
Hi friends,
On Monday November 3rd, the NDP is hosting an online Q+A on climate change with NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie. In their emails promoting this event, they say that “Climate change is a key issue of our generation…Tom Mulcair knows this.” Yet in a press release just last week on Energy East, the NDP again failed to connect this pipeline, with a climate impact the same as 7 million cars, to climate change. In fact, they didn’t mention climate once.
Help us flood the NDP Climate Q+A with questions about Energy East!
We want to make sure that they know that we are watching their position on Energy East, and that for our movement, this pipeline is a climate test for the NDP.
What: Flooding the NDP Climate Q+A with Questions on Energy East
When: Monday, November 3rd at 8:30 PM EST/5:30pm PST

WHERE: Canada’s NDP Facebook Page (just log on the time above!)
Tonight, let’s make sure the NDP knows that Energy East is their climate test.
Here is piece I wrote for the Huffington Post about this: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/cameron-fenton/energy-east_b_6090280.html
Here are some sample questions to ask:
1. Will the NDP call for a full climate review of the Energy East pipeline?
2. You have called for a “meaningful process to examine this proposal that focuses on evaluating environmental sustainability”, don’t we need to include climate change in that conversation?
3. You have committed to participate in the NEB review of Energy East, will you be calling for climate change to included in that conversation?
4. Yesterday’s IPCC report called for a rapid start to phase out of fossil fuels, Energy East would ensure fossil fuel expansion in Canada. Isn’t your support for this pipeline opposite to what scientists are telling us?
5. The Keystone XL pipeline is receiving a climate review, Energy East is even bigger, don’t you think we should be giving it the same?
6. With oil projected to fall to $70 a barrel and the rising risk of the carbon bubble, how can we have economic confidence in Energy East without a full consideration on climate?
7. Energy East would lock in polluting infrastructure instead of building clean and just energy, is the NDP’s climate policy to build fossil fuel infrastructure or back a just and rapid transition to clean energy.
8. You’re planning to re-introduce Jack Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Act, how can we reach the ambitious 80% emissions reduction targets in this bill without considering the climate impact of Energy East and the 40% increase in tar sands production it will facilitate. Especially with the tar sands as Canada’s fastest growing source of GHG’s.

Cam Fenton

Canadian Tar Sands Organizer, 350.org



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