“Green-flushing” in Quispamsis

13 10 2014
[Editor: The use of ‘environmentally-friendly’ flagship development projects often cause or disguise the effects of development that actually destroy the environment. A perfect example of this is found in Quispamsis, in the article below. Typically, this is called “green-washing”, but in this case, it’s “green-flushing.” ]
TJ  OCT 13
Green edifice comes with high price   It makes me so proud to live in a“green”community like Quispamsis where we use rain water to make ice and flush the toilets at the qPlex.   A“green”edifice that required the clear cutting and paving of scores of acres of nature trails and forest and the re-routing of two streams. A town where we have by-laws to protect non-existent old growth forest, but all of the newer trees are cleared away with reckless abandon because, as one councillor put it recently,“we develop.”   Along with the trees go the birds and mammals, except the Lyme carrying mice and ticks, who will survive anywhere. Any animals, like the deer, that can’t find cover or food because of these actions will now be shot by a legion of bow hunters who are allowed to creep right up to your property line.   Yes, Quispamsis, a town where curb side recycling was rejected because it might cost the citizens an extra $75 per year; a fee most are willing to pay while town sits idly by as over 700 residential property owners do not pay for garbage collection at all.   Instead they“piggy-back” their garbage with a neighbour, or deposit it on a city street in the early morning on their garbage collection day.   I’m afraid our carbon footprint is getting blacker with each passing year.   In 20 years time, Quispamsis will be as rural as the south end and as green as Marsh Creek. Keep up the good work Council; you do us proud.   Peter Little   Quispamsis



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