Follow the Oil Bomb Trains to the Petro Ports in NB

9 10 2014

CALLING OUT TO PEOPLE from RIMOUSKI to BELLEDUNE AND BATHURST (If you have friends on this route, please ask them to contact me. Ty, peace)
[Last year Lac Megantic, Quebec; this week Clair, Saskatchewan, and do we want more of this bombing en route to Belledune? Click on anyone of the three photographs here to illustrate that story and worry.]
Bombe sur rail
A small group left Québec City a few weeks ago by bicycle. They are following the train tracks that lead to Belledune where a pétro-port project is intended to export tar sands oil.
The bicyclers are stopping in the municipalities the most at risk for catastrophes like Lac Megantic last summer, to raise awareness about the Tars Sands « craziness ».
Let’s give them a cheer all along their route, and a hero’s welcome — especially at the final destination in Belledune.
Who would be interested in collaborating to make the best of the trip? I would appreciate some Francophone help. Who wants to be our ambassadors?
This is the kind of hospitality we have extended to supporters of the resistance to shale gas this past year when people traveled from various provinces, including as far away as British Columbia, to support us.
The cyclists from Québec expect to arrive in Belledune in about a week.
Maybe some people would like to join them as they get closer. We can set up communications to advise people of their schedule daily.
How can we create an event to welcome them? Attract the media for the event, and make them at home for a rest and a tour of the area before they head back home? Thank you.

Greg Cook Sj's photo.



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