Global Frackdown Oct. 11

24 09 2014

Keep the Pressure On: A Message From Bill McKibben

frackdownpowerupJoin us at the Global Frackdown on October 11.


Do you need proof that the movement for climate justice is growing? How about this: over 400,000 people attended yesterday’s People’s Climate March in New York City and thousands more attended affiliated actions across the world. The press is already calling it the largest climate march in history. It’s exciting to see so many people engaged and active around climate change, and it’s hopeful to see thousands of people calling upon our leaders to make more responsible decisions regarding our energy future.

We need to build on that tremendous energy and make strong demands of our elected representatives at the local, state, and national level. The October 11 Global Frackdown offers just that opportunity.

Last year, there were hundreds of actions across the world calling for a ban on fracking, and this year there are already over 200 partner organizations in the Global Frackdown. One of those partner organizations is, and environmental leader Bill McKibben—whose voice and leadership have been so critical to sounding the call for strong action on climate change and the People’s Climate March—filmed a short video encouraging people to build on the climate march and take action on October 11.

Watch the video, share it with your friends, and sign up to attend or hold an action on October 11.

Join the Global Frackdown.




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