2-Way Race in Fredericton South

20 09 2014

I have exciting news!

I have just received the results of our internal polling in Fredericton South:

David Coon is in a neck and neck race with Craig Leonard.
Here are the numbers:
Craig Leonard – 29 percent of decided voters
David Coon – 28 percent of decided voters

It’s clear the momentum is in our favour.
David is on the verge of winning this race.

We need you now to help him win.

Turn your one vote into 5:

  • Let 5 people know that this is a two-way race between Coon and Leonard
  • Bring 5 Green voters – your friends, relatives, neighbours – to the polling station on Monday

Come to the campaign office and volunteer your time for the final push!

Shout it out!

  • Tweet this news
  • Post to your Facebook page

Monday’s the day we make history.
Help us write a new chapter in New Brunswick’s political story.

Merredith Brewer
Fredericton South Campaign Manager

PS.  You know David Coon. He is trustworthy and direct. He speaks the truth.
He has worked for the public good all his life. He will work hard to represent us in the Legislature.

PPS. Plan to come to the victory party Monday evening!




2 responses

21 09 2014
Penny Kollar

Please oh please let me wake up Tuesday morning with a green win .

22 09 2014

Well done, David Coon. It will be a great first for the Greens in NB if you are elected today!

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