List of Protests Federal Government is Tracking Released

18 09 2014

List Tracks Protests Back to 2006


List of Protests that Federal Government is Tracking Released

A list of protests, demonstrations and events being tracked by Ottawa was released today after Nova Scotia MP, Scott Brison requested data from the Public Safety Canada department.

The list shows the date of the event, a short summary of the event and the source doing the tracking which includes several Federal departments, the RCMP and media articles.

While hundreds of events have been tracked in Canada, various Federal departments have also kept tabs on events in foreign countries as well.

While the majority of demonstrations being tracked inOntario are related to first-nations actions or blockades, a number of other Toronto events have been tracked including:

  • Tibetan protests
  • Greenpeace actions
  • Student protests
  • Protests around Omar Khadr
  • Pro-Palestinian demonstrations
  • Tamil rights demonstrations
  • Protests against City-Budget cuts
  • Enbride Pipelines
  • Occupy Toronto
  • Tar sands talks

A few anti-Muslim protests were also tracked though the vast majority are progressive or leftist events.

The list tracks protests from January 2006 to June 2014, though it has obvious gaps or unlisted surveillance.

No G20 related events are listed.

The list is available for download at the bottom of this page.

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