“No Fracking in Nova Scotia” Energy Minister

3 09 2014

There will be no fracking in Nova Scotia.

Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced Wednesday that the Liberal government plans to introduce legislation prohibiting hydraulic fracturing in shale oil and gas projects in the province.

“Since becoming the province’s minister of energy, I’ve read all the letters from Nova Scotians which have reached my office both for and against high volume slick water hydraulic fracturing. I’ve read numerous studies and reports commissioned by various parties, including the Wheeler report, which was recently delivered to our government,” Younger said in an op-ed piece.

REPLAY: Watch Andrew Younger’s full news conference

“Nova Scotians have indicated that they are concerned about hydraulic fracturing and they do not want it to be part of onshore petroleum development in Nova Scotia at this time. Nova Scotians have put their trust in our government that we will listen to those concerns and not allow a process that most Nova Scotians are clearly not yet comfortable with.

“As a result, our government will introduce legislation this fall to prohibit the use of hydraulic fracturing in shale oil and gas projects.”

Younger’s announcement today comes less than a week after a panel of experts released a report saying fracking shouldn’t be allowed until more independent research is done on health, environmental and economic impacts.

The panel also recommended setting up a process to get a community’s permission before a project is allowed to proceed.

A two-year moratorium on fracking was put in place by the previous NDP government in 2012 as public protests grew in Nova Scotia and in neighbouring New Brunswick.

Younger said the decision to ban fracking doesn’t mean the province is backing away from energy developments.

“Our government is actively working with the offshore industry to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of those resources in a way that ensures the primary benefit is to Nova Scotians. Onshore, coal bed methane projects in places like Stellarton have received strong community support and show strong promise,” he said.

“We are actively engaged in promoting our renewable energy industries, especially in offshore renewables. We are becoming a world leader in tidal development and will be one of the first to deploy a commercial scale tidal project, harnessing one of our richest natural resources to the benefit of all Nova Scotians.”

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2 responses

3 09 2014
Charles Aulds

I just watched Minister Younger’s interview with CTV’s Steve Murphy. The points he made were spot-on, that fracking requires strong public support, which is lacking in Nova Scotia; it is wrong for the decision about fracking to be made based on assumptions of profitability; the 125 test wells that have been drilled were found to be non-viable, commercially.

There is time; to explore this issue; to decide carefully, and the thing that has frightened me most, in my home province (New Brunswick) is the insistence that there is a limited window of opportunity to exploit this resource; we mustn’t allow ourselves to be delayed by those who call for more study or debate.

As long as that natural gas remains where it is, I believe, it is of increasing value, and not only to those of us who would like to profit from it … but to generations yet unborn, whose claim to it is no less worthy of consideration than our own.

Thank you, Mr. Younger; for leaving the door open, but not yielding to industry and political pressure, instead choosing to stand with your constituency, and your fellow Nova Scotians.

3 09 2014

I think there’s a limited window of opportunity in terms of investment dollars before the whole industry goes bankrupt and is seen for the pyramid scam that it really is.

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