Fredericton Cinema Politica Schedule for Fall 2014

25 08 2014

Community Calendar

Cinema Politica Fredericton is back for year 8 of political documentary
screening on Fridays.

When: Fridays this fall
Where: Conserver House, 180 Saint John St., Fredericton.


Fall 2014 Cinema Politica Schedule

September 5 – Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair
Directed by Paul Cowan. 1984. 58 minutes.
A captivating docu-drama of the legal battle waged by Dr. Henry Morgentaler in
Québec and federal courts in the 1970s over abortion.
Co-host: Fredericton Youth Feminists and Reproductive Justice NB.

September 12 – No Cinema Politica/Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

September 19 – My Brooklyn
Directed by Kelly Anderson & Allison Lirish Dean. 2012. 76 minutes.
A look at the economic and political forces that are pushing Brooklyn
residents out of working class neighbourhoods to make room for luxury condos.

September 26 – Duncan Campbell Scott: The Poet and the Indians
Directed by James Cullingham. 1995. 56 minutes.
A film that explores the contradiction between the poet and the individual
Duncan Campbell Scott.
Launch of Roland Chrisjohn & Shaunessy McKay’s book, Dying to Please You:
Indigenous Suicide in Contemporary Canada.

October 3 –  The Beginning
Directed by Serkan Koç. 2013. 53 minutes.
The story of recent mobilizations in Turkey, revealing Gezi park as a
flashpoint in ongoing political activism.
Facilitaor: Gul Culiskan, STU Sociology

October 10 – No Cinema Politica – Thanksgiving Weekend

October 17 – Bone Wind Fire
Directed by Jill Sharpe. 2011. 30 minutes.
An intimate and evocative journey into the hearts, minds and eyes of Georgia
O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo—three of the 20th century’s most
remarkable artists
With Fredericton-based artist Brigid Toole-Grant.

October 24 – Solar Mamas
Directed by Mona Eldaief & Jehane Noujaim. 2013. 58 minutes.
An inspiring film about one woman’s attempt to light up her world.
Rafea is an uneducated Bedouin mother from the Jordanian desert. She gets the
chance to go to the Barefoot College, where middle-aged women from poor
communities train to become solar engineers, and bring power to their
Co-host: Conservation Council of New Brunswick

October 31 – No Cinema Politica – Halloween

November 7 – Nowhere Else to Go. Silver Wave Film Festival.
Directed by Michael Shade. 2013. 32 minutes.
A chronology of the 2013 indigenous anti-fracking protests in New Brunswick
from their early days up to the later violent clashes with police.
Co-host: NB Film Co-op/Conservation Council of New Brunswick

November 14 – Shadows of Liberty
Directed by Jean-Philippe Tremblay. 2012. 93 minutes.
Gorgeously shot and superbly argued, this doc picks up where Manufacturing
Consent left off, proving the moral and social failures of mainstream media.
Co-host: NB Media Co-op.

November 21 – Bus 174
Directed by José Padilha & Felipe Lacerda. 2002. 119 minutes.
Intimate and sober doc on the hijacking of a public bus in Rio, Brazil in 2001
With Matthew Hayes, STU Sociology.

November 28 – Be Smile: Tales of Two Urban Inuit
Directed by Robert Lewis. 2006. 80 minutes.
Stories of two Inuit men living an urban life in the aftermath of Canada’s
long history of attempts to unmake indigenous culture.
Co-host: Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network.
With Josephine Savarese, STU Criminology.

December 5 – Avenge One But My Two Eyes
Directed by Avi Mograbi. 2005. 90 minutes.
A film that effectively captures the turbulence, humiliation, and uncertainty
of the occupation of Palestine, presenting a thoughtful and incisive call to
Co-host: Fredericton Palestine Solidarity.




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