Atomic Frackwater Shipped to Debert by Deception

23 08 2014

Claim questioned on ‘toughest regulations’

To The Editor: In 2008, Atlantic Industrial Services in Debert, Nova Scotia obtained a permit to treat fracking wastewater and began collecting it from N.B. and N.S. fracking companies. However, instead of building a treatment plant as indicated in the permit, they chose to truck the wastewater to a sewage treatment plant in Debert because it was cheaper.When the folks running the treatment plant in Debert learned that they had been deceived, that the wastewater they were treating was radioactive, they stopped accepting it.

I see no evidence, nor has anyone ever made the claim that the millions of litres of fracking wastewater sitting in ponds in Debert have ever been treated to remove naturally occurring radioactive materials and excessive salts – probably because treating 32 million litres through reverse osmosis or ion exchange is prohibitively expensive (it would cost millions of dollars).Nor has there been a toxicity test on this water to see if fish can actually live in it, but they want to release it into the Petitcodiac River anyway. Surprising, I think, for a province that claims to have the toughest fracking regulations in North America.

We are the only species on our planet that produces useless toxic waste that cannot be economically treated. We have to develop better technology to produce natural gas from shale; current methods come at an unacceptable cost to the natural environment. Until then, we the people have to just say no to fracking. It’s the only way to make shale gas companies improve their methods. Current technologies put our health and the health of all the other species that we share this planet with at risk. Why would we vote for that?

Susan Linkletter,   Salisbury




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