Petition to Allow All Party Leaders into Televised Debates

18 08 2014
  • Petitioning CTV, CBC and Rogers
  • From Janice Harvey:
  • The news media has a responsibility to reflect to New Brunswickers the range of electoral options before them on election day. Otherwise democracy is compromised. Alternative parties arise when mainstream parties fail to deal with pressing issues. To continue to privilege those mainstream views (and that includes all three conventional parties) is to actively participate in the maintenance of the status quo and the protection of privilege in this province.
  1. Joel MacIntosh

    Adamsville, Canada

    Joel MacIntosh

      We must insist DEMOCRACY and the RIGHT of the voters be respected!

    It has come to our attention that CTV has refused to allow two of the five registered political parties in New Brunswick to participate in the upcoming leader’s debate.

    It has also come to our attention that CBC and Rogers have not confirmed as of yet if all leaders will be asked to participate.

    We, the people and voters of New Brunswick demand that democracy be respected and that as a registered political party in the province of New Brunswick all leaders have a right to present their positions during the 2014 Provincial Election Leaders Debate(s).




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    23 09 2014

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