Green Party Fundraising More than Doubles

18 08 2014

We are pretty excited about the recent headlines:

“Green party reporting big fundraising gains”
-Toronto Star

“Green Party of Canada Reports Huge Fundraising Gains”
-Huffington Post

“Federal Green party make big fundraising gains in Q2”
– MetroNews Canada

That’s because, as the Globe and Mail reported:

“… Greens were basking in a fundraising bonanza, making larger gains over the second quarter than any other political party.”

That’s right — the Green Party’s quarter two fundraising grew 67% from 2013 to 2014 — by far the strongest growth of any party.

Fundraising Growth: GPC 67%, NDP 11%, LIB -3%, CON -3%

And it’s all because grassroots donors like you pitched in to support our vision for a better Canada.

Donate $3 today to ensure we make headlines again next quarter.

Shaun, while it’s clear that we are the fastest growing party, the other parties have a head start.

The Conservatives raised $4.7 million last quarter alone — funds they will use to continue taking Canada in the wrong direction.

The Green Party is fighting for change — show your support today and help us close the gap:

Let’s make the news again next quarter,


Kyle Tate
Digital Director
Green Party of Canada




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