30 Million Litres Frackwaste Water Headed to Dieppe NB

5 08 2014

If you live in Dieppe or Moncton, you may be interested that up to 30 million liters of “treated” fracking flowback water from Debert NS is heading will be heading back to NB for disposal in the Dieppe sewer system and Moncton sewage treatment system if the following EIA is approved.

This could very well be how the GNB plans to treat fracking flowback in the future – treat the water in Debert NS, then dispose the “treated” flowback waste water in Dieppe and Moncton (and eventually the Peticodiac River).  If treatment is being done in NS, how does NB oversee and regulate the process done there?  How is the waste water contents verified?
If I lived in Dieppe and Moncton, I would be very concerned.  If you have family, friends or neighbours in Dieppe or Moncton, please shale this document.
Of the five political parties running in the September 22 Election four are calling for either a moratorium or ban on unconventional oil and gas (Fracking).  The PC Party is proud to say they are the only ones supporting it – they also only had 25% percent of voters agreeing with them in a recent poll.  A responsible party would put the issue on hold until the elections to allow the citizens a voice on this toxic and dangerous industry.
Richard Lachance & Eveline Haché

Kent South NO SHALE GAS Kent Sud



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7 08 2014

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