NOFRAC: Report Back from Hogama

30 07 2014
Smallish crowd , maybe 50-75 ? a half full small hall, with inadequate parking( along the trascanada) he admitted that Dussealt told him about his fracing patent “several months ago” tried to justify not responding to my emails . Others called him out for dangling 2,500 jobs, which he admitted were based on information provided by “expert panellist” Dr. Brad Hays, he insisted that Dusseault’s patent, Hayes’ and Ritcey’s involvement in the gas industry didn’t bias their reports or his approach. My anger level was spiking and hasn’t come down yet. He finished by saying the “fun would begin” after his report was released, urged us to exercise our democratic rights. It was surreal. I lost it yelled, “this isn’t fun, this is hell!”. I don’t know if he’s  a fool, a conman, or insane, I suspect all three.
CBC was there, as was panellist Kevin. I accused him of taking the funding on false premises, in not conducting a review , but creating a filter, conducting a sham, a fraud, a gross mis-service, referenced “on line discussion forums” with no forum for a online discussion  and  “discussion papers” they wouldn’t discuss. I said if he had conducted a review he would know his 40 year  2,500 job scenario was  a fantasy, that saying “I’m here to consult” while telling us the recommendations are 95% complete  was totally unacceptable and that if he’d really heard anything I said, he would walk out in shame. He never flinched, and carried on with his denial of reality.  Bruno Marcochio made several comments, as did Neal Livingston , the Parkins , and several Lnu’k and others. odd that Wheeler punched up the slide on the fact that Lnu’k have rights, and that KMK had already said no to Fracing, yet other slides about his ongoing process of study and recommending what to do if we go forward.
The man seems to want to institutionalize the study of fracing in Nova Scotia for the next several decades, before allowing seismic testing. He also has some insane notion that communities will get to decide whether the industry proceeds , like it will be up to them. Does he really believe that?  whatever he is, his review is a farce, and the inclusion of Dusseault’s chapter with his gross conflict of interest  is totally unacceptable .



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