NOFRAC at Windsor NS Meeting

25 07 2014
The HF Review public meeting in Windsor last night was quite successful in terms of attendance and getting the points of opposition to hydraulic fracturing clearly presented. Although there’s a few errors in this report, it does capture the essence of the meeting:
For various personal photos of the event, head to:
The photos aren’t captioned, as they are on the Facebook page,
but the overall info that accompanies the panoramic shot is:
The HF Review Public Meeting in Windsor tonight had 330+ people in attendance, many of them offering deep insight & thoughtful questions of David Wheeler, who is conducting the independent review in his “spare time
” (from his other job, running Cape Breton University).

Wheeler proceeded to offer up a half hour of “process” slides (which the audience tolerated without questions – as requested) and then gave the floor to the non-ending line of people at the microphone.

Retired geologist Duncan Keppie offered his own slide show outlining the geological makeup of the area and why he thinks there’s no value in fracking the area. He also emphasized the importance of not sucking every drop of petroleum product out of the ground in this generation (to the resounding approval of the assembled).

NOFRAC Steering Committee members Marilyn Cameron & Mark Tipperman had very strong statements that addressed a number of the environmental, political & socio-economic issues head-on & very clearly. It’s too bad the evening wasn’t recorded somehow.

Wheeler stated that even though there were no panel members in attendance (reason: couldn’t afford it) but they were observing from afar “through the media”(?!). There was certainly no one from any of the broadcast media there. Didn’t see any newspaper reporters, but they can be much more stealthy. We’ll see.

The meeting went on 45 minutes past the allotted time, but everyone got to speak their piece. Most people felt the meeting had gone well, that there was strong solidarity amongst the audience and Wheeler acknowledged the need for community approval before anything would ever go ahead … “if it goes ahead” he said, many times during the evening.

A CTV news item shot at the Halifax meeting was aired last night.
It begins at 9:10 (about halfway through) and goes to 11:45.
… that’s all folks!



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