NOFRAC: Not Safe, No Consent, Continue Moratorium

23 07 2014

K’JIPUKTUK (Halifax) — The panel reviewing hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia has completed seven community information sessions to date across the province. During this review, the Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association and the Native Council of Nova Scotia have announced official opposition to fracking.  Dr. Wheeler has been clear that much is still unknown about the risks and benefits to Nova Scotians.  Given that:


  • All three political parties have stated that the existing moratorium will remain until fracking is proven to be safe;
  • The panel has not proven that there is common understanding of the full extent of risks associated with fracking;
  • The panel has not proven that fracking can be done safely at this point in time; and that
  • Members of the aboriginal community have indicated that they do not give their consent for hydraulic fracturing.


The Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition (NOFRAC) and 20 other organizations call for a legislated moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for at least ten years.  We recognize Indigenous title rights as upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada, and that a moratorium on fracking must remain in place until the Mi’kmaq community give their consent.



Jennifer West

Geoscience Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

442-5046, 471-3301 (cell),




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