NS Gov’t to Convert Oil-fuelled Hospitals to Gas

22 07 2014

Our local newspaper THE YARMOUTH VANGUARD this date published an article stating that “the government…will invest $9.7 million” to convert 7 provincial hospitals from oil to gas fuel.

While the news item says there is expected to be a financial savings, it would have to equal $9.7 million to really be a savings.

This plan to convert to gas-burning at these hospitals sounds like a real incentive to frack for natural gas in the province…

Also the article stated that the gas will burn “cleaner.” Of course if the ground and groundwater are poisoned by the fracking to obtain gas, it is hard to see how that is cleaner.

I plan to attend the meeting in town about hydro-fracking and bring up this point but I believe you should know of this and also ask questions.

Thank you for your efforts, N.Castlebury



These kinds of conversions aren’t necessarily incentives to frack. Converting from oil to natural gas at this point dramatically reduces emissions (most of the ng we use in NS is still conventional) and can result in significant savings for institutions that have to watch their costs. The amount of ng these facilities would use is nowhere near enough to justify a fracking industry. Something like Goldboro is way more of a battle worth fighting as it could legitimately be used to justify fracking across the region.

Just a caution to resist ng scare!






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