Mining Strikes at Protected Natural Areas in NB

15 07 2014

Action Alert!
Mining interests have once again struck at the heart of Protected Natural Areas (PNA) and Community Forestry in the province. Candidate Protected Natural Area  PNA 150 as proposed for the Upper Nashwaak in 2012 has lost 10% of its proposed area in the current and final round of the PNA selection process. The attached figures show:

  • PNA150 boundaries as proposed in 2012 compared to currently proposed 2014 boundaries.
  • Mining claim 6009 in the Upper Nashwaak owned by Tri-Star Antimony Canada Inc.
  • Tri-Star’s estimate of antimony deposits in the upper Nashwaak roughly showing the area of the estimate impacting PNA150.

Some notable observations about the proponent:

  • The proponent invested a grand total of $58,000 in exploration 2011-2012.
  • The proponent appears to have failed to file a mineral report of work as required in 2013
  • The proponent has again filed a mineral report of work in 2014 but the report remains confidential until 2016.

The proponent’s own web site states  “In 2013 Tri-Star Antimony Canada INC has reduced the Stanley claim blocks to 16Ha, focusing its efforts on the granite identified in the 2011 Auger Drill program.” See:

It begs the question as to why 500 ha of valuable old growth has to be sacrificed for extremely speculative prospecting. The removal of 500 ha from PNA150 also effectively splits the PNA into western and eastern halves, joined by a fairly narrow corridor, thus compromising its habitat value.

PNA150 has the potential to form the core of an Upper Nashwaak Community Forest. It is wrong-headed to compromise its potential long-term value by surrendering to the demands of extremely speculative mining exploration.

Although the government has announced that the consultation process on PNAs has been completed, please continue to voice any opinions on the fate of PNA150 to :

If you require more information please contact me.
Lawrence Wuest

Lawrence Wuest
PO Box 363
Stanley NB, E6B 2K5
<pna150 2012-2014.pdf>



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