STOP ENERGY EAST: TransCanada Goes to Nat’l Energy Board

9 07 2014
TransCanada is about to officially submit their proposal for Energy East, the biggest tar sands pipeline ever. PM Harper will rig the review to get it built — unless we stage a people’s intervention. Can you add your name to support a fair, open, scientific review of Energy East?
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Next month, TransCanada is expected to offially submit its monster Energy East tar sands pipeline to the National Energy Board. This giant project would stretch 4,000 km from Alberta to the Atlantic, and carry climate-wrecking amounts of tar sands oil to be exported and burned.

Prime Minister Harper has been doing everything he can to fast track tar sands development — including cutting out communities and climate science from the pipeline review process. Stopping Energy East starts with a review that includes everyone, and is grounded in science.

Can you add your name to our people’s intervention calling for a fair, open and scientific review of Energy East?

Over 4,000 km long, TransCanada’s Energy East project would run from Alberta to New Brunswick, and could carry over 1 million barrels of tar sands crude to the Atlantic Ocean each day. Energy East would produce up to 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, the same as adding 7 million new cars to Canadian roads.

PM Harper and Big Oil know they can only build this pipeline if they ignore the facts and ignore the people. They’ve changed the law to make sure the National Energy Board doesn’t consider the climate impact of the pipeline, and want to cut out communities from having a voice in the process. We need a people’s intervention on Energy East to make sure the truth has its day.

We’ll work with our allies to deliver these messages directly to the National Energy Board. If the NEB doesn’t listen and include climate change and community voices, we’re going to register hundreds of people’s intervenors to force the issue into the project review.

Click here to send your message to the National Energy Board.


Cam Fenton




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