Liz May In the House

6 07 2014
Elizabeth May talks cooperation, pipelines and election fairness
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This week on The House, the narrative that seems to be emerging from the results of recent byelections is that the next federal election could very well come down to a showdown between the incumbent Conservatives and a resurging Liberal party. Guest-host Terry Milewski talks toGreen Party leader Elizabeth May, who vows to remain a factor. Then, our In House panelists Tasha Kheiriddin and Emmanuelle Latraverse discuss the NDP’s challenges heading into next year.

It’s yet another rebuff of the federal government’s agenda by the Courts. On Friday, the Federal Court ruled the controversial cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program for refugee claimants unlawful and unconstitutional. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander says the government will appeal the decision. We ask Lorne Waldman, the president of  the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and lead counsel in this case, what the ruling means and what he expects will happen next.

Embattled Justice Minister Peter Mackay will be back in the spotlight on Monday. It won’t be to discuss his controversial comments about female judges, but rather to testify in front of the Justice Committee about the government’s prostitution bill. The Parliamentary Secretary to the Justice Minister, Bob Dechert, and the NDP’s Justice critic, Francoise Boivin, join us for a preview.

With federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney set to meet with his provincial counterparts next week in PEI, we asked that province’s Innovation Minister, Allen Roach, to talk about PEI’s issues with the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. You can listen to that interview below:




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