Report Back from Penobsquis

2 07 2014
The Penobsquis Picnic was attended by around 40 people today. Supporters showed up from Elsipogtog (A sacred fire was lit and a teepee erected), Moncton, Fredericton, Kent County to name a few.
Tours were held to show us the wells, and the issues associated with them. We met with several people from Panobsquis. they appreciated us showing up even though they realize that it is too late for them..although if things can stop now during the exploratory well phase, that is obviously better than the industry going full-tilt..
Here is a short summary of what i saw today:

In Penobsquis today at the picnic. CORRIDOR RESOURCES in action here. Learning that there is about half a job per well, bad chemical smells off 2 wells + gas procesing plant (flares too), a hissing well (B 58), a leaky one (Well 67) that has been filled with brine to stop the leak plus plans to rework that well and try again. And 10 m from Kenebecasis river in floodplain: large buffers around wells and pipeline where no hunting is allowed, so hunters feel the brunt too.

One more thing: water still draining into potash mine: 11 million litres a day of brine taken away by trucks and dumped into the Bay of Fundy!!”




One response

3 07 2014
karen jones

what is this about 11 million gallons of brine taken away each day and dumped in the bay of fundy? there is nothing about Penobsquis on the news.

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