Gwyn Watson: Few Jobs w/Energy East Pipelines

18 06 2014

When I saw Terry’s email this am re the BC drilling trucks I wondered if they were Ledcor.  Anyway, that’s just the beginning of NBer’s not getting jobs.

Mainly what I know is that there will be no jobs for NB residents.  Actually there will be very few jobs period.  Here is how it will play out:

Local people will be hired to clear land, haul dirt/gravel and dig before the pipeline is laid.  That’s the end of local jobs. 

Experts will then be brought in to lay the pipeline and build the pumping station buildings.  Look up Ledcor.  It will probably be them.  I’ve seen one of their vehicles in Fredericton in the last few months.  These guys are experts.  My husband is a retired nat gas employee.  He oversaw an expansion at the station he worked at in BC.  Ledcor was brought in fromAlberta.  The only locals hired were truckers and backhoe operators.  Ledcor did the rest.  They don’t want some uneducated local contractor punching a hole in their high pressure pipeline.

Once the gas starts flowing, the gas company may or may not (because there will be so few people employed in NB) have a head office somewhere in NB.  So there will be a few office jobs.  Nepotism will be rampant at the office.

Here are the job postings for Spectra Energy which transmits the gas from north of Fort St. John BC to Vancouver and beyond.   Note the Labourer,  Pipeliner and Pipeliner Technician positions.  These are the only jobs available that require nothing more than Grade 12 and a driver’s license.  These are the ones handed out as political favors or to insiders. Note where it says experience in the oil and gas industry they mean daddy works there.  Any other job requires at least two years education unless daddy got you on as a Pipeliner, in which case you get on the job training.  Also, you can see that there aren’t that many postings period.  Alward makes it sound like there will be jobs for everyone in New Brunswick.

At the pumping stations which will be approx. 50 miles apart maybe tops three people employed at each.  These positions require at least two years Power Engineer training but you aren’t getting the job anyway as someone’s kid is getting it.  The pumping stations are all fully automated.  They can easily be controlled by a remote head office in Houston, Texas.  If something breaks, their internal maintenance crew would be brought in from who knows where.

We need to get Alward to fess up to what few what jobs will be available.  We are not reinventing the wheel here, this info is readily available from past experience.  It doesn’t take long to build a pipeline.  NB residents need to be ready.  They will need to be educated.  You don’t get that diploma in three months and you certainly don’t walk into a pumping station and start pushing buttons the day after you quit your job at Walmart.   Sadly, this province has so many unemployed people, it is so easy to suck people in with the jobs for all mantra.

Second is the lie that if we have our own gas supply here in NB we will all have cheap gas.  That’s not the way it works.  This Wikipedia entry explains nat gas pricing.  We don’t get to decide how much NB gas is worth.  To suggest different is ridiculous.  The price we pay to heat our homes is decided by big business.  There is talk of a 40% increase in the cost to consumers  I would not want to be heating some big old NB house with nat gas.  It is not as cheap as people are led to believe.  Here is what is going on in BC right now.

Anyway, that’s what I know.

Take care,

Gwyn Watson




One response

18 06 2014
Margo Sheppard

Hi Shaun: Does Gwynn Watson know this has been published? Just concerned it might be private—I leave it to your discretion (and I have asked Mary De la valette the same question).


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