FREDERICTON (GNB) – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and becoming more resilient to climate change are two of the major goals of the Climate Change Action Plan 2014-2020 announced today.

“We know that climate change poses challenges for our communities, our environment, and our economy,” Environment and Local Government Minister Danny Soucy said. “This plan is based around four goals, and lays out the steps needed to help us to achieve a healthy environment and sustainable communities.”

Built on the progress made during the initial plan, the goals that form the Climate Change Action Plan 2014-2020 are as follows:

●    Enhanced resilience to the impacts of climate change – this includes data collection, research, risk and opportunity assessments as well as ensuring that adaptation to climate change is incorporated into decisions.

●    Reduced GHG emissions with sustained economic growth – this will address energy efficiency; renewable and low-emission energy; reducing emissions from industrial, transportation, and other sectors; smart growth in community planning; research and innovation; and encouraging the development of land-use management plans and practices that enhance carbon storage.

●    Demonstrated leadership by the provincial government – this will include retrofits and standards in public buildings; addressing vehicle fleet and employee travel to reduce transportation-related GHG emissions; promoting green and low carbon procurement; and continuing with inter-jurisdictional partnerships to share resources and information.

●    Measured and reported progress – this will include tracking and reporting on energy use and GHG emissions by key sectors including government as well as reporting progress to demonstrate continual advancements.

“These ambitious goals can only be achieved with support from all sectors and communities throughout the province recognizing that we each play an important role in tackling climate change,” Soucy said.

The 2012-2013 progress report summary, which is the final commitment of the previous plan, is also available online.