Thanks to Brad Hornick for his great coverage on this story

Early Friday morning the 30th of May 2014, three activists (Dan Wallace, Mia Nissen and Adam Gold) locked themselves to the gate of Chevron in North Burnaby to protest exploitative resource extraction in Canada. They used bicycle D-locks and chains to secure themselves to the metal posts of the gate to stop truck traffic into the Chevron North Burnaby in order to draw attention the Federal and Provincial government’s complete disregard for the earth, Indigenous sovereignty, and the reality of climate change.(Read More)

It’s all over with for now. At approximately 10:30pm the three protesters who were chained to the Chevron station gate, Dan Wallace, Mia Nissen and Adam Gold were arrested. The police cordoned off the growing crowd, draped the protestors with protective blankets, then sawed off the bike locks while sparks shot into the air. To the chants of “if you ship it – we will stop it, if you build it, we will block it”, the crowd cheered as the arrested finished their day’s work, and were led into police vehicles. This observer will remember the silent resolve the three maintained throughout the day until the final moments, the seriousness of the intension behind their motives, the humour that provided relief as the day wore on.

The optics of the situation made the power relations in our present society transparent. The beautiful but increasingly threatened Vancouver/Burnaby landscape was the backdrop; the bright blue sky hid the invisible knowledge that greenhouse gases are building and leading to catastrophic changes in weather systems. In our midst, the gated fossil fuel corporation stands seemingly invulnerable to attempts to respond to threats to the very existence of humanity. The state, in the form of police and the judge’s injunction, come to defend corporate interests. Business-as-usual and the corporation’s proft imperative in the form of a steady train of fossil fuel delivery is to be protected above all else.

On the side of humanity and nature are the good people being arrested, those in the audience, and all the allies expressing support throughout the day. Risking their daily routine, their reputation with coworkers or aquaintances, or possible financial penalty, they soldier on throughout the day in the shared understanding that this is a time of clarity, of vitality, of being awake to ourselves as people and as community. We will remember the words of one of the arrestees. “We can do this. We are doing this now”.

Good night, comrades. Thanks for following this story. Until tomorrow…

Westcoastnativenews would like to give a big shout out to Dan Wallace, Mia Nissen, and Adam Gold,  for there brave and honorable acts, standing up for the people of B.C, and to Brad Hornick for the GREAT coverage of the event. We thank you all for defending the land and standing for the people. till next time. It’s all over with for now, Power to the people


Via – Dan Wallace YES WE ARE FREE!!!

just got out of the tank.

Thank you to everyone that came to support us and bring food that was so awesome. Thanks for everyone that spread the word that was so dam kool.
Would like to thank those from New York that sent love to us by ordering a pizza for us that was the best.

Going to take a shower and wash all the stank off me from being in the clink then take the boys to the park. Your welcome to join us there so we can plan some more sneaky fun stuff.

AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING Mia Nissen, Adam Gold, and myself. All three of us know that this is just the beginning so let’s keep it up.

Thank you for all the food that you all brought to that was so dam awesome

Via – Mia Nissen

“Dan, Adam and myself were released approximately noon today. Thank you for the overwhelming support. I’m feeling a little tired but morale is high in the knowledge that we did the right thing yesterday and for the right reasons. Throughout the 12+ hours being locked down at Chevron’s delivery gate my heart and mind were reflecting on Unistoten Camp and those who are sacrificing so much EVERY DAY.
We could not have done our action without the kind words of encouragement and all of the the practical support! This is a movement built on mutual support and it was crystal clear to me yesterday through everyone’s kindness and generosity. We are doing a beautiful thing for each other and the planet.. let’s stay strong and keep fighting these toxic maniacal industries on all fronts: legal, political and DIRECT ACTION” – Mia.