Could Fracking Quakes Rupture Energy East Pipeline?

17 05 2014
To My Environment Conscious Friends around the World; 
In New Brunswick Canada “Big Oil/Government” 
plans an oil pipeline the entire length of the Province 
from north to south. Meantime the government has 
sold mining rights to a fracking Company that go the 
entire width of the Province from west to east. 
These 2 “make work” projects intersect midway through 
the Province where large lakes and rivers are!
Since earthquakes and tremors commonly occur as a result 
of “fracking”, and even a small tremor can shake up a pipeline,
We can reasonably expect this oil pipeline to have multiple
cracks occurring at joints & seams!
This can spill mass amounts of deadly crude oil into 
Our waterways, destroying ecosystems, and emptying 
into the Atlantic Ocean thus further polluting Our Planet.  
It is written “the love of money is the root of all evil”, We 
are sure seeing and suffering from that more & more around 
the World these days!
Bruce Shanks  (506) 472-6167



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