News from Voice of the People Tour

16 05 2014

There will be a free public information presentation on shale gas exploration at 7 p.m. on May 22 at the Alfred Ashburn Memorial Legion Branch No. 71 in Gagetown.    The event will present scientific research on the effects on the health and well-being of communities caused by the unconventional extraction of gas and oil.

The two-hour event will also provide educational information on economic impacts, costs and clean energy alternatives, stated a news release from organizers.
The event is part of the Voice of the People Tour which has been visiting communities in New Brunswick.

The contents of the meeting will be delivered by members of the New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance and the Council of Canadians – Fredericton Chapter, and is supported by members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour, the Fredericton and District Labour Council, the National Farmers Union and the Conservation Council of NB, stated the news release.
The New Brunswick Anti-Shale Gas Alliance represents the interests of New Brunswickers opp osed to unconventional gas and oil exploration and development, while promoting a future in cleaner energy alternatives, said the news release.
The presentation is sponsored by Voices for a Sustainable Environment
– a citizens’ group that seeks to create awareness of threats to the environment and advocates sustainable solutions through public education.
The group is especially interested in supporting a presentation on shale gas energy following the recent release of a report from The Council of Academies.
The Council of Academies is an independent, non-profit group that does scientific assessments in key policy areas; its shale gas report was requested by the federal government nearly three years ago, the release said.

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE TOUR: Red Dot Poll Results for Rexton NB and area May 14 2014

Two hundred and more enthusiastic and engaged people from the Rexton and Kent County areas attended a standing room-only Voice of the People Tour stop at the Bonar Law High School Wednesday evening.

Aboriginal, Acadian, English and other friends and neighbours spoke their minds on the issue of fracking and how they choose to take a stand in rejecting the shale gas industry while pursuing viable and locally-based solutions and alternatives to our ‘Dig it Up, Cut it Down, Ship it Out’ economy.

1. People of NB will not stand by and allow this (fracking) to happen (112 dots)

2. Boycott Irving (83 dots)

3. More emphasis on food security for Kent County (64 dots)

4. On election day make a statement by voting for a party opposed to fracking (59 dots)

5. SLAPP suits by SWN (South Western Energy) are unacceptable and will be challenged by individuals and by class action (53 dots)

6. Honour Aboriginal land and rights (51 dots)

7. Exploration test wells need to be opposed/stopped. “We have to stop before they drill” (36 dots)

8. We need to get behind local & provincial politicians who have opposed shale gas (33 dots)

9. Tools and incentives (e.g. community economic development investment funds) need to be made more available to assist communities to develop renewable energy programs (29 dots)

10. Greater transparency from government regarding costs incurred from shale gas industry (impacts to air quality, water quality, public health, road maintenance, etc.) (18 dots)

11. Organized tours of Penobsquis are available. It is important that we see and smell what the industry creates (17 dots)

12. Speak out not only for yourself but for your wider community (11 dots)

13. Phased environmental impact assessments (EIA) will be ineffective tools of a regulatory process (9 dots)

14. Make personal submissions or complaints if medical conditions are potentially at risk by operations that may be planned to happen near or around your community (4 dots)

15. Challenge the establishment and their use of words to obscure the truth & take away our rights (2 dots)





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