Harper Spies on Us Every 27 Seconds

6 05 2014

[Editor’s Note: to be honest with you, I don’t know how I made it to being a Canadian citizen. But I’m glad I did.]

It has just been revealed that the government spies on Canadians’ private information once every 27 seconds.1

That means that 1 in 34 Canadians have had their sensitive information spied on by the government within 12 months.

When questioned in Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to take action to defend our online privacy.Please tell Harper to stand up for Canadians now before more of us are victimized by spying and breaches of your data →

The Harper government’s approach is:

  • Irresponsible: We know that information collected by the government reveals sensitive details about your online activities leaving us more vulnerable to identity theft and cyber criminals.3
  • Out-of-control: The government actually called on telecom providers to hand over information about our private lives 1.2 million times in 12 months, and have one provider “building subscriber databases that bureaucrats can access at will.”4
  • Hugely expensive: You’re paying for the millions that this spying activity is costing taxpayers.5 That’s right: you’re paying to have your privacy invaded.

We need to speak up now and demand that Harper take responsibility to defend our privacy. Tell him we need modern, common-sense rules that keep government spies out of our homes and out of our personal lives.

Odds are that either you, your family, or your neighbours have been victims of these dangerous transfers of our personal data.6

We’re talking about information that could reveal your friends, health information, political views, where you go, and who you have relationships with.

Are you comfortable with telecom companies selling the government your sensitive data without your knowledge or consent?

Do you want critical information about you to be stored in various unsecure government databases?

This isn’t about right and left, this is about right and wrong. We know from past privacy debacles that Harper will move if enough citizens speak up.7

We do not deserve this reckless collection of our sensitive information. Tell Harper to take responsibility and defend our online privacy now. →

Thank you for being a part of this,

Steve, Eva, Josh, and David, on behalf of your OpenMedia.ca team

P.S., In the 90 seconds it takes you to read this message, three more innocent Canadians will have their private information spied on by government bureaucrats. They could be your friends, neighbours, even members of your family. Please, Shaun, speak out now to tell Harper to take responsibility and defend our online privacy.


[1] Canadian telcos asked to disclose subscriber data every 27 seconds. Source: Michael Geist

[2] Talk to cops, not me, about data request: Harper. Source: Sun News Network

[3] Metadata: Separating Fact from Fiction. Source: Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian / Toronto Star

[4] Government may be CCd on all your emails, documents show. Source: Huffington Post

[5] Taxpayers paying for telecom government snooping. Source: Toronto Star.

[6] Government bombarded telecom companies with requests for customer info: document. Source: City News

[7] Online Spying Bill C-30 defeated. Source: OpenMedia.ca




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