GreenPeace Against Pipelines and For Clean Energy Future

6 05 2014
Hello Shaun

From Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline to Keystone XL, Line 9 and Energy East, there are looming decisions on dangerous pipelines and extreme energy projects across Canada.

To pave the way for the Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia, we’ve seen the Conservative government remove the endangered status of the humpback whale as well as threaten our provincial parks with the approval of Bill 4.

In Quebec, Beluga whales are at risk from seismic testing in the St. Lawrence to make way for the proposed Energy East pipeline.

Toronto is even feeling the effects of the tar sands. Every day, trains carrying crude oil travel through the city on train cars that were never built to carry such dangerous loads.

Canada is at an important crossroads. Instead of betting our economy on dirty fossil fuel our government should be joining countries worldwide by investing in renewable energy.

This Saturday, May 10 people across Canada are standing together to call for a just, safe and clean energy future. People in communities from coast to coast will be coming together in dozens of independently organized events to oppose tar sands pipelines and say no to the Canadian government’s dirty oil agenda. Will you join them?

The movement to build a green and peaceful future is growing, and you are a part of it. Please defend our communities from a dirty energy future by coming out to an event in your community this Saturday.

Below is a list of Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities events happening in major Canadian cities. Don’t see your community on the list? No problem! Visit to find the full list of events happening across Canada.


Aspa Tzaras
Volunteer Coordinator, Greenpeace Canada

Join the Edmonton Event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Edmonton Local Group
Contact Chris-Ann:

VANCOUVER (2 events)
Join Vancouver Vigil:
RSVP via Greenpeace Vancouver Local Group
Contact Zac:

Join Vancouver Rally:
RSVP via Greenpeace Vancouver
Contact Earyn:

Join Victoria Event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Victoria Local Group:

Join Montreal Event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Montreal Local Group
Contact Francois:

Join the Quebec City event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Quebec City Local Group
Contact Micheline:

Join Toronto Event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Canada
Contact Amanda:

Join Ottawa Event:
RSVP via Greenpeace Ottawa Local group
Contact Brett:

Don’t see your city here? Visit to find the full list of events happening across Canada.

We don’t accept any money from companies or governments so we can be independent and challenge anyone who threatens the planet or peace. To help us keep fighting climate change, defending our oceans and protecting ancient forests, please make a regular donation. Thank you!

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Greenpeace Canada, 33 Cecil Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1





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