Northside Fredericton’s Main Street Development Plan

19 04 2014

Main Street Urban Design Plan


*NEW – See the Consultant’s Summary Presentation – Click Here

Main StreetMain Street is an area in transition from mainly residential use to mainly commercial use. Approximately 230 businesses now comprise the area which is recorded to have over 19,000 vehicles travelling through Main Street each day. The purpose of this Urban Design Plan is to provide a clear vision and course of action to create a community that is more aesthetically pleasing and oriented to pedestrians, cyclists and public transit.

A new urban design plan will guide municipal and private sector decision making. The plan will demonstrate excellence in sustainable design, and promote intensification of both residential and ground floor retail space. The plan will include a review of all street furniture, landscaping, lighting and signage and contribute to an enhanced accessibility for all users. Opportunities to animate Main Street with public art, murals, monuments, and public spaces will be explored in the plan. An action oriented plan will provide step-by-step measures towards the realization of the vision for Main Street over the next 10-15 years.

Public Input Opportunities

  • Respond to the short questionnaire about the vision for Main Street 
  • Follow the progress on the Urban Design Plan on Facebook 
  • Attend the public consultation sessions detailed below:

September 17th, 2013, Tuesday

Public Consultation Workshop

St. John The Evangelist Church, 75 Main street

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

January 2014

Public Presentation of Preliminary Concepts





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