Ernst Exposes Alberta Fracking Crimes

13 04 2014




2 responses

13 04 2014
Charles Aulds

I live in an area of New Brunswick that is targeted for hydraulic fracturing. I have a small farm, and my source of water is a well on my property that is clean and pure. During the winter, our horses and goats drink about 200 litres of water per day (it’s necessary to digest hay). A municipal water supply is not available to me.

One of the arguments that has been made to me several times by fracking proponents is that, “If they damage your well, you’ll get free bottled water for life.”

I don’t want bottled water. Under any circumstances. I live in Canada. I have a virtually unlimited source of pure water. No one will take that from me without encountering stiff resistance.

And I regard my water well as priceless. I believe that the majority of my neighbors (most aboriginal and acadien) feel exactly the same.

13 04 2014
One Straw Revolution

Charles: thank you for this very important contribution to understanding the impact of fracking on farming. Clean water is vital for everyone, but especially for farmers who grow our food. RESISTANCE IS FERTILE.

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