Canadian Rivers Institute to Examine Environmental Water Flows in NB

13 04 2014

The New Brunswick Energy Institute has partnered with the Canadian Rivers Institute to examine environmental water flows in New Brunswick.


“Part of a larger international study, the NBEI funds will be used to assess state-of-the-art approaches as to how much water flow is needed in our streams and rivers to support fish and other aquatic life, and to provide advice on effective environmental flow guidelines for the province”said a news release from the institute.


“The information gathered will have many uses but will be particularly useful for natural resource development initiatives for which allocations of fresh water are made,”the release stated.


“We believe strongly in the intent of this project and the work done by the Canadian Rivers Institute, which is why we are pleased to fund this important research”said Dr. David Besner, interim chairman of the New Brunswick Energy Institute.


“Water use is a concern to New Brunswickers, particularly when it pertains to natural resource development,therefore we feel that an assessment of flow guidelines in other jurisdictions, and their applicability to New Brunswick will be a valuable resource for many projects and decisions,” Besner said in the news release.


This project will identify how much water is needed in a river to protect the health of aquatic species and to ensure that water extraction for human use is done sustainably, the release said.


The institute is putting up $24,000 in funding.


“Understanding the role of flows in supporting the freshwater ecosystems is a goal of the recently released science plan of the Canadian Rivers Institute, and we are very happy to have a chance to partner with the Energy Institute of New Brunswick to bridge our science with energy and water managers and stakeholders”, said Dr. David Armanini, science director at the Canadian River’s Institute.


The energy institute’s scientific advisory council selects research projects based on their relevance to energy. The institute has invested more than $550,000 in water-based research, said the news release.




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