Elsipogtog Man at Rexton Protest Gets Probation

10 04 2014

MONCTON • An Elsipogtog man was sentenced to probation on Tuesday for his role in the clash between protesters and police in Rexton on Oct. 17.

David Mazerolle, 19, was supposed to stand trial on Monday, but his matter was set over to Tuesday.

When first arrested he was charged with assaulting a member of the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team, obstructing an ERT member by jumping on him and breach of probation.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and Crown prosecutor Maurice Blanchard withdrew charges of assaulting a police officer and breach of probation.

Judge Irwin Lampert followed the joint recommendation from Blanchard and defence lawyer Alison Menard for six months probation. If Mazerolle successfully completes that probation, he will receive a conditional discharge at the end, meaning no criminal record.

The court heard Mazerolle was not at the protest site on Route 134 that morning when police moved in and started making arrests.

He showed up later with other people and tried to intervene when a protester was being arrested.

He was one of 40 people arrested by the RCMP that day when police moved in to break up the nearly three week old blockade of a compound containing SWN Resources Canada shale gas exploration equipment. Mazerolle spent eight days in custody before being released after a bail hearing on Oct. 25.




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