David Coon: Abandon More, Pursue Better

9 04 2014
We need to abandon the quest for ‘more’ and pursue ‘better’
Fredericton Daily Gleaner
08 Apr 2014The UN science report on the consequences of rapid climate change led the newscasts across Canada recently and then nothing.

The decisions we make today are being made for our children and grandchildren. At this moment our inaction and the wilful refusal of our governments to take climate change seriously condemns our children to an inhospitable future.

That is why as Green Party leader, I say we need to lead from the future.

We must make decisions now that help us break our addiction to consuming ever more stuff and energy. And we must make decisions now to wean ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels. This requires real leadership from our governments and our communities.

Instead of deepening our economic dependence fossil fuels with shale gas and pipelines, Greens would go in an entirely different direction. Our focus would be on building local green economies driven by an all-out effort to lower our energy demand and to meet these more modest energy requirements with renewable resources.

To turn down the volume on our voracious consumer culture, Greens would ban advertising directed at children. We simply have to say no to the efforts of mega-corporations to recruit our sons and daughters into their cult of more.

If we are to avoid the worst consequences of the upheaval in our climate, we have to end our pursuit of more and chase better instead.

David Coon


Green Party of New Brunswick





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