Letters to the Editor in TJ on Fracking NB

8 04 2014
Minister should debate opponentsLet me pose a question to the government of New Brunswick. If Minister Leonard believes the Voice of the People tour is full of facts that are misleading or false, why does he refuse to challenge them face-to-face in an open forum public debate to prove his premier’s full-speed-ahead approach to fracking is the correct path?

Basically it’s the same reason a magician will not debate the veracity of his illusions, which are all based on misdirection and slight of hand, not verifiable reality.

Jim Walsh

St. Martins

Organic farms could lose their statusRe: Shale gas development We may have dead or discredited organic farms everywhere If the present New Brunswick government goes ahead with the plan to allow shale gas development (fracking) all through southern N.B.

It will probably mean the death of many organic farms anywhere near a fracture site.

Several online reports state that farmers near fracking sites may or are losing their organic status due to water and air pollution caused by fracking chemicals. These toxins spread via water tables, underground springs, old drilled wells, spills and fracking wastewater, and also by frackpond evaporation spreading toxins via wind and acid rainfall.

This is horrific, and allegedly done by Big Money pressuring and manipulating a government that seems apparently not for the people of New Brunswick.

Bruce Shanks


T&T  APR 8
..Id like to see a written statement on Shale Gas from the Liberals…
Shale gas no ‘slam dunk’ for economyTo The Editor: Some people say I am intelligent and clever. Others think I am an idiotic imbecile. But you will never find someone who says that I am gullible.

Energy Minister Craig Leonard and Premier David Alward like to make it sound as if shale gas in New Brunswick is a slam dunk for the economy. I call it a recipe for disaster. And I do not care how many big shots such as Mr. Champoux like it or not, because he, like everyone else, is just one vote. Come election day, I believe the people of this wonderful province will be electing Mr. Brian Gallant as the new premier. That will be a step in the right direction as I see it.

Carl Chapman-Helmy,




Gas royalties are a problem


It’s beginning to look like the energy minister is realizing there’s a big gap between the big promise of sharing gas royalties and the hard reality of delivering cash to landowners and councils.


Perhaps it’s time for one of those rare admissions that kill a bad idea:“We didn’t think it through when we made the promise. We goofed, sorry.”


The government never explained why landowners were entitled to a share of royalties in the first place. If the cash was to compensate for added risk and inconvenience, then compensation is the responsibility of the exploration companies, not government. Injecting government cash only displaces what landowners would normally expect from oil and gas companies directly.


Beyond that, the government is clearly having problems figuring out how to apportion the royalty revenue from gas wells that can tap deposits under properties up to 16 kilometres away from the well pad.


To understand the legal complexity, all the minister has to do is sit down with the lawyers who specialize in this industry. They do a very profitable business sorting out unitization of gas production. That is, who owns what gas coming from a given well and it’s a dog’s breakfast. As an alternative, New Brunswick should stop looking at potential gas royalties as a quick cure for our over-spending and commit to responsible stewardship of our non-renewable resource revenues by establishing a wealth fund like Norway.


Michael Edwards






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