22 02 2014

Action Alert: Corridor Resources plans 5 liquid propane fracks at Penobsquis in 2014: The province is playing with fire.

PLEASE NOTEOne correction has been suggested to my earlier Action Alert.

It has been pointed out that the government will probably draw a distinction between Dr. Ingraffea’s “HD Compressors” and “Compressor Stations” as specified in Rule 9.8 of the Rules for Industry. However, the presence of these wells in floodplains at Penobsquis remains a serious threat to floodplains everywhere.

Larry Wuest

The following is excerpted from:
Here’s what Dr. Tony Ingraffea has to say about fracking with propane:

“Fracing with liquified propane, or butane (LPG):

  • still needs large quantities of additional, but different chemicals to add to the LPG;
  • needs HD compressor on each site to recondense returned propane/butane for reuse, and additional processing on each site for reuse;
  • frac process is now nearly “robotic” because of risks to personnel on the pad;
  • have been two explosions/fires in past year, one quite serious with hospitalizations;
  • many truckloads of LPG needed for each frac job-these trucks are transporting hazardous material, not water;
  • LPG not available in large enough volumes to make this “THE” method in any play with tens of thousands of wells projected;
  • the biggies, Schlumberger, Hallliburton, et al. will not like encroachment on their turf..they have billions invested in equipment and personnel training for water based fracing, but they currently say they are “interested” in this new line of research: you make the call
  • the ONLY substantive information about the process comes from the company – in effect advertising claims. There has been no independent empirical analysis of the complete life cycle of LPG fracs.
  • still transports some materials from downhole just like slick water does and will be subject to the same constraints:

1) communication back to surface via faults and old open wells
2) communication/migration of methane and other downhole crap via casing sealing failures and leaks (cf the Pavilion/EPA study (11-10-11 released) and the “Duke” methane migration study), and

3) surface spills of frac related materials that comes back up

4) the added danger of propane, a heavier than air gas leaking and pooling in low spots near the well pad in large amounts and causing an explosion hazard

Bottom line: no science available to evaluate either env impact of LP frac or the safety thereof. Grasping at straws for a solution to a problem the industry claims does not exist.”

A. R. Ingraffea, Ph.D., P.E.

The wells and wellpads to be fracked at Penobsquis in 2014 lie in the floodplain of the Kennebecasis River and will require compressor stations, placing them in violation of Rule 9.8 of NB new Rules for Industry;”Responsible Environmental Management of Oil and Natural Gas Activities in New Brunswick”
Flood Prone Areas
Gas conditioning plants and compressor stations (including related fill) are not permitted within flood prone areas.
Well pads are not permitted in flood prone areas unless: a) it is demonstrated to the regulator that the construction can take place without significant changes to existing flood levels and flow velocities; b) the surface of the well pad is set at an elevation that is above the flood elevation; and c) access to the well pad is designed to be passable during a flood event.

The comment period for Phase III of EIA 1368 for these planned fracks is underway and closes Mar. 8, 2014. The public should be demanding a Comprehensive EIA of this project before fracking so that all the facts can be put on the table.

Write today to demand a Comprehensive Review of EIA 1368 and denial of approval. An Approval of these fracks would further jeopardize EVERY FLOODPLAIN of every watercourse in the province. We need an avalanche of comments on this EIA.


Also show your support for Dr. Eilish Cleary by conveying these facts and your encouragement to her and her department at:


Lawrence Wuest
P.O. Box 363
Stanley, NB E6B 2K5



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